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Apples and Friends! Pre-K All Day and Transitional

Hi! We had a very busy week learning all about apples and friends! We made friendship bracelets on Monday, and read books throughout the week about what it means to be a good friend. In religion we also learned about our classroom family and that we are all friends here at school! It's so nice to have new friends and to work on sharing, using our words, saying I'm sorry when we have hurt others and also knowing we are forgiven when we do make mistakes. We have a wonderful group of friends this year that are going to continue working on all the skills and efforts it takes to be a good friend. You should be so proud that your kids are working so very hard on these character skills!

We painted with apples and this ended up not being as messy as I thought. It was a lot of fun seeing the excitement of the preschoolers as they were stamping the half of apple to make a print in different colors. We worked on sequencing with putting in order the stages of how an apple grows from seed to full grown tree. We worked on fine motor skills as we tore up a million little pieces of tissue paper to make tactile apples (these are displayed in our room so you won't see them for a little while.) We also made marble paintings and apples with caterpillars attached (I hope to get these on display on the bulletin board soon.) We worked on some math patterning skills with apples as well (This came home today on a sentence strip.) Earlier in the week we graphed who in our class likes apples with and without the peeling. Today we did some apple science!! Make sure and ask your kiddo about the apple volcanos! We read various books throughout the week but my favorite was our big book "An Apple a Day" which showed real life pictures of the different stages apples go through before we buy them in the store. Oh yes and we enjoyed our taste testing different kinds of apples today. Like I said . . . busy!

We continue to work on being a good listener at circle time, and using self-control as well as the virtue of patience when waiting for things. If you are wanting to help reinforce something at home, these would all be great skills/virtues to work on as we use them so many times a day at school. We are getting more and more independent all the time, and I am proud of how many of our friends are opening their own milk and snack without help!! This is amazing! Please praise your child for working at independent skills, these will serve them well all through life and it's important we teach them early, that this is a positive thing!! Thank you for your support in coming to the eat with your child during Sack Lunch Friday! They loved this time and getting to eat with their special person made them light up. It's never a problem if you can't make it to a Sack Lunch Friday, I will always be there as a back up to eat with your child so they will have someone. I'm glad to do it!

As previously mentioned in the letter I sent home in the folder, we will be studying colors the next two weeks. Refer to the letter for the color of each day if you're dressing your child in the color of the day. Monday is red.

Important info: 1) Please send a water bottle with your child to school. It can stay all week if that's easier and we can refill with new water each day. It really does save a lot of time to have their water bottle at their table.

2)Also, beginning Friday we will begin having show and tell on Fridays. Your child can bring something that pertains to the theme/letter we are studying that week or not. It's totally up to you. I do ask that it be small enough to fit in a medium size box and please don't send anything precious or breakable as I don't want anything special broken on my watch. Small items that fit easily into the backpack are perfect.

As always, thank you for all you do and have a Wonderful FRIDAY!!!

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