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April Showers!

I wanted to go over the upcoming craziness of our schedule for kindergarten! I am so excited to have this time with the kids. Spring is a beautiful time of year and one which we missed out on last year!

We are growing butterflies in our classroom - they have just turned to chrysalides over the weekend - the kids will love what they see. Please don't share our secret - I want them to see it! We should have butterflies in a week or two!

We are also working to finish up our animal reports! This past week we started working on the technology component. The kids are learning how to use Pic Collage to make a poster. It will take us a bit of time, but I am super excited for the final product!

Thank you for all who donated popcorn - they do love it as a snack! I would like to mix in some fresh veggies or fruit, and I would love to add that as a snack. If you can send some, we would appreciate it!

We have plenty for cleaning supplies and paper goods, but I am almost out of paper plates, the cheap kind and paper cups (For the popcorn 🙂)

I have included some dates for the remainder of the year and while this list is long - please understand that these are subject to change and be added too - we cannot make any promises. 🙂

4/12: K attend Mass at 2:15 4/13: School Council 4/15: Home and School Meeting 6:30 pm 4/16: Race for Education: 1 pm - please meet us at the stadium if you would like to join us! 4/19: Mrs. Woods gone, K attend Mass at 2:15 4/22: Kindergarten Round up - please call the office to make an appointment if you have an upcoming Kinder. 4/23: No School 4/26: K attend Mass at 2:15 4/29: Spring Program at AHS Auditorium, it begins at 7 pm, please have your students there by 6:45 pm 5/3: K attend Mass at 2:15 5/6: BOB Final competition (Date change) 5/7: Sack Lunch day, No Uniform Day 5/9: Mothers Day 5/10: K attend Mass at 2:15 5/11: School council 5/12: Last night of CRE 5/13: Kindergarten Field trip - details to come 😉 5/17: K attend Mass at 2:15 5/18: All school field trip - details to come! 5/19: 5th grade Promotion 5/20: Last day of Preschool 5/21: Last Day - Dismissal at 1 pm 7/24: Auction

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