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Field Trip and Mother's Day

Parents, sorry this is so tardy, but better late than never! Here are some pictures from last week and our field trip on Monday to the Kids Creative Corners in Salina, KS. Thank you SO very much for so many of you attending and if you couldn't attend for making arrangements with us and sending lunch! :)

We studied mother's, and made Mother's Day gifts and cards (hope they all made it home!!;) We also finally finished up our bean seeds/corn seeds observation journal. Thank you for helping these get home! This week you'll see some Father's Day things coming home in the folders (you can save until June or have it early Dad's. I just don't think it's fair that we only make something for our Mom's. We will round out the last two weeks with review activities, spring (frogs and butterflies) books/activities, and some fun outdoor things as well. We will continue to squeeze in some art and STEM as we can. I will also be assessing them for fourth quarter and practicing our songs for our end of the year program. I'll see you there next Friday at 10:00 am in the St. Andrew's gym. Please plan to take your child home after the program with the exception of the transitional Kindergarteners who can go to Kindergarten after the program. I've included a few pictures from this week too. This will be the last newsletter but I may try to e-mail a picture from our last day. Thank You So Much for All You Do!!!!! It has truly been the biggest blessing to teach your children this year!!!

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