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Field Trip: Change of Plans

Due to the high likelihood of thunderstorms in Wichita tomorrow during the time we are scheduled for the zoo, we are making changes to our field trip.

We will be going to Salina to bowl at the Alley from 9:00 - 11:00 am. Two busses will arrive at the school for an 8:15 am departure.

One bus will return to Abilene once we are dropped off since many students are riding back with their parents.

Details for the bowling alley - They will provide cups for the kids to fill with water. No outside food or drinks are allowed.

Parents planning to attend you may bowl with your child(ren). Teachers & staff may bowl as well.

Weather permitting, we will go to Oakdale Park for a picnic after we leave the Alley. Students who signed up to ride home with their parents will be dismissed to their parents from the Alley. Parents attending, please transport your child(ren)'s lunches in your vehicle.

The remaining students will be transported to the park and then home by bus.

We will have fun activities for students for the remainder of the day at school, or you may choose to do something else with your child(ren) for the rest of the afternoon on your own. Students released to parents are not required to return to school.

The permission form filled out for the Sedgwick County Zoo Trip will count for this trip with the change in destination and times. Parents may choose to opt-out of the trip and keep students home. If you choose this option, please notify your child's teacher, the school office, and me via e-mail so we have them marked off.

Thank you for understanding that our first priority is to keep everyone safe. I ask that you join me in making tomorrow a fun and memorable day for the kids even though we had to make changes to our plans.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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