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Race for Education: Online

Get ready to have add fun and fit into your Social Distancing Routine to Support the School

Race for Education letters have been sent and we are asking our students to commit to 15 minutes of movement from now through next Friday, April 24th. This weekend looks to be beautiful and the perfect time to get out and move.

Please post a photo or video on the Facebook event timeline that shows the fun, creative, or energetic way your child is mooo-ving (sorry I can't help it, check out the video on the Facebook event page). 

Click invite on the Facebook event page and invite grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, your second cousin's best friend... anyone that may receive a letter. This will give them a chance to see all the awesome videos from our students. Kids will love seeing each others videos/photos. Have fun and let's show our family unity by wearing a similar color for each family! 

Let Melissa Reed know if you have questions or trouble accessing the Facebook Event page.  (You must be invited to join by an admin or member of the group).

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