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Goodbye 2022, Happy 2023!!!

Our preschool class ended the year with an awesome Christmas program :)

Everybody did such a good job on the big day!!!

We celebrated A LOT of birthdays in December: Hudson and Kruze turned 5, and Colsyn, Bosco and Leeah turned 4 ON THE SAME DAY :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY friends!!!

We have been learning A LOT of letters:

D is for Didi, E is for Ellie, F,

G is for Garrett, and H is for Harper and Hudson :)

We are working on the short sound of vowels and hard sound of consonants this year. Have fun with your child and ask them about the letters that we have learned so far: what sound do you hear at the beginning of...? what letter makes that sound? It is a good way to practice and for them to impress you!

In religion, we celebrated the Epiphany by walking to the Church and visiting the Nativity Scenes. Father Peter talked to us about the kings coming to honor Jesus :)

This week, we enjoyed H activities... reading about Heaven, painting hats, making houses, and observing hermit crabs!

Mrs Koop and myself would like to thank all of you for your generosity this year! Thank you for the books that we received for our classroom, thank you for an exciting Christmas party, and thank you for all the gifts and treats that we received over the Christmas season! We feel truly blessed!

Coming up:

No school this coming Monday. It is an inservice day for the teachers :)

Please remember to send your child to school with a coat, a hat and some gloves, as we go to recess and it is cold outside!!!

Our school auction will be in April this year. We are going to start putting together our auction class project. Information about this came home in the red folders today. Our classroom coordinator will reach out to you if you would like to help us out in putting it together :)

Have an amazing weekend! I look forward to seeing you back next week :)

Mrs Aline Hunter

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