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Important Update Regarding COVID-19

Dear St. Andrew's Parents,

As you may have heard, the Abilene Public School is moving to remote learning for all students for at least the next two weeks.  Based on my conversations with the health department, our diocesan superintendent, and some school board members, I have decided that we are going to remain open as long as possible.  We will continue providing remote learning for those opting for this. 

We realize that all remote learning may be necessary for our school at some point if our own situation changes, and we want to get in as many in person-days as possible.  

Though we have teachers out, we are filling those spots with substitutes.  At this time there are no active cases among our students.  Those who may have been exposed are in quarantine.  

We ask that if you have ANY CONCERNS AT ALL about your child possibly having COVID, or any concerns about having them at school, please opt for remote learning and keep them at homeAs long as they are logging in daily and completing work, they are considered present at school.  

If choosing remote learning, this will remain in effect for the remainder of the nine weeks.  If your child is a remote learner because of quarantine, he/she can come back when the quarantine is up or can remain remote if you choose.  

Your child's teacher will send you a link for the classroom ZOOM.

Please use after school care only if absolutely necessary to allow you to remain at work at your job.  

Please continue to pray for all affected by the pandemic.  

God Bless!

Christina L. Whitehair

Principal/Preschool Teacher

St. Andrew's Elementary School

301 S. Buckeye Ave.

Abilene. KS  67410


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