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Important: Zoom Etiquette

  • Students should log into their classroom ZOOM by 7:55 a.m. so they can be included in attendance. 

  • Students should be in uniform when attending class ZOOM meetings.

  • Students are asked not to change their background.  This has become a distraction in some cases.

  • Students are asked not to be eating while in a class ZOOM unless approved by the teacher.

  • Students are asked to follow rules that they would follow if they were in class in person.

  • Students should be sitting up, not laying down during classroom ZOOM meetings.

  • Students must not have assistance during tests or quizzes.  Please follow rules of honesty and complete these independently so scores are an accurate reflection of the child’s own work. 

  • Students should not be engaging in video games play music, or other activities while on classroom Zoom meetings. 

  • Students should keep themselves muted until they are asked for a response from the teacher.  

  • Students should set their screen so they are in view of the teacher during class times, not reflecting the background or ceiling.

  • Students should be attending closing prayer at 2:55-3:10 and maintain a prayerful posture during that time. 

Thank you for helping your child follow these guidelines.

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