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  • Mrs. J. Whitehair

Letter E is for Egg and Elephant!

We learned the sign and sound for letter E and made a list of both the short "e" and the long e sound. We enjoyed reading a lot of elephant books and watching a few short YouTube educational videos on elephants. We learned the difference between Asian and African elephants and how elephants communicate. We discussed that they are very family oriented and how the community takes care of one another. We discussed how we look out for one another as a school family and a community. We also made some eggs in art (in our little skillet.) Friday, we enjoyed Show and Tell and egg science (comparing and contrasting a hard-boiled egg to a regular uncooked egg. We talked about the purpose of the yolk and what happens when it's cooked. In math, we talked about things that can be grouped or sorted by having the same function (example pencil goes with paper because you use them together.) We made a spiritual bouquet (of colored flowers) for a friend of the school who is sick. Finally, we enjoyed making an F in playdough, sand, and painting it with water paint before we finally began to write it in our handwriting book. It was a great week!

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