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Newsletter Jan. 23-27


· Essential Question of the week: How can people help to make your community better?

· Oral Vocabulary words: community, improve, confused, harvest, quarrel

· Concepts of print, identify words, word building

· Phonemic Awareness: Phoneme blending, isolation, segmentation

· Literature Big book/questions/answers

· Verbs, rhymes, identify sight words, picture sort, syllables, nouns, compound words, nonsense words, adjectives, position words

· Sight Word: up


· Learning addition with manipulatives, number line, counting on, model addition with a ten frame, & pictures to show addition problems.

· Learning about our addition friend anchor chart

· Addition games and activities

· Addition worksheets up to 10

· Working with partners

Upcoming events Jan/Feb:

· 29 - Catholic Schools Week Begins

· 31 - Bishop Vincke Mass, 1:30 p.m.; Building Committee Meeting, 6:30

· 2- School Spelling Bee on Thursday at 1:00 p.m.

· 3- Talent Show at 12:15, Family Picnic Day, No Uniform Pajama and Crazy Hair Day - with Item for the Food Bank


· Please read to your child every night for 10 mins so he/she can go to our next reading party! Make sure you turn in your signed slips back to me on Fridays to count!!!!

· Please practice sight words with your child every night and return the slip each day signed for continued learning. Our combined efforts will help your child retain their learning development to help them grow. Thank you for all your efforts your child and I greatly appreciate it!

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