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Newsletter N

Updated: Jan 27


Centers: copies numbers 1-10 (writing), playdoh fun, color the things that begin with the letter of the week (N), & car fun with tracks

Whole Group: Hot ball Game- pass the ball around your table while the music is playing. When the music stops the student, who is holding the ball still must yell out the letter of the week.


Centers: count to 15 practice (using manipulatives), circle/trace/count/color worksheet, tangrams letter of the week (N), & can you build a pond for the ABC rubber ducks

Whole Group: 1st ten mins read a book to a warm fuzzy, 2nd ten mins read a book to a friend


Centers: review letters (N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U), lacing cards, magnet boards, & Bug Jar craft/canvas craft

Whole Group: Bible lesson for preschoolers (animal galore), prayer, activity


Centers: following direction farm animals’ worksheet, lego blocks fun, ABC ink pads (stamping), & marble fun

Whole Group: Apple, apple oops game the students will put the alphabet back in order again


Centers: Kansas Day crown craft, kitchen fun, ABC magnets, & ABC Go-Fish Game

Whole Group: Show and tell for letter N (bring something that starts with the letter N)

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