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Newsletter Q

Updated: Feb 15


-No School-Spiritual Renewal Day


Centers: Color the things that start with the letter Q, Tangrams letter Q, puzzles (quiet time), & ipad’s (learning games)

Whole Group: ABC KaBoom Game focusing on letters and sounds


Centers: 101 Dalmatian headbands, 100 block tower challenge, roll and cover to 100 game & 100-piece puzzle

Whole Group: 100s Day fitness fun activity


Centers: Letter Q maze, stacking cups (quick), color a quilt page, & dot letter Q

Whole Group: Question game- I will draw a name stick one at a time and have the students come up and draw a popsicle stick from my jar that has a question on it. The students will then have to answer the questions.


Center: Letter Q tracing worksheet, letter Q playdoh mats, Q-Tip painting, & stacking cups (quick)

Whole Group: Show and tell for letter Q (bring something that starts with the letter Q)

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