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Newsletter September 14th-18th (Letter B)


• Centers: letter B worksheet, bubble painting, book center, and sorting buttons (big, medium, and small)

• Whole group: Brown Nature Walk: Take the students on a brown nature walk. The students will collect small brown items (twigs, dry leaves, seeds, etc) and place them in brown paper lunch bags to use later for a group collage.


• Centers: blueberry pie craft (counting how many blueberries you put on your pie), matching bears, baking center, build a boat out of blocks.

• Whole Group: Have the students build a banana split (fun craft for letter B) we will also talk about their favorite ice cream.


• Centers: color the things that start with the letter B, decorate a cowboy/cowgirl boot, magnet boards, and mega blocks

• Whole Group: The students and I will do a sorting activity using blocks and legos. Each student will get either a block or lego. There will be 2 buckets on the floor. By drawing a popsicle stick with their name on it. The students will come up 1 at a time and put their items in the correct bin. (Sorting activity)


• Centers: doting the letter B with paint, Duplo blocks, color the page B is for Bible, and bumblebee craft

• Whole Group: The students will all go to their tables and color their busy bee worksheet. They will then cut out their bees and glue the wings on to make it into a bee they can take home. We are working on cutting and gluing today while creating their fun busy bees.


• Centers: whiteboards/writing the letter B, bingo game, tangrams letter B, and puzzles that begin with the letter B

• Whole Group: Letter B show and tell, please bring something that starts with the letter B Reminder: Bring something that starts with the letter B on Friday!

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