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Newsletter September 7th-11th


No School


Centers: Alphabet apple slices (matching worksheet), putting apples on a tree dice game, and kitchen center (pretend to bake something good with a play bakery set)

Whole Group: Alphabet Kaboom Game (learning the letters of the alphabet and the sounds that they make)


Centers: Letter A worksheet, A is for Ants craft, coloring page 28 (brown)

Whole Group: Go over ABC cards (movement cards) as well as alpha friends song to learn their alphabet


Centers: Scholastic News investigating apples (counting/drawing the number of seeds, dot letter A page, and can you build a bridge for the animals to cross over

Whole Group: Roll and cover (learning the numbers 1-6)


Centers: Color the A's worksheet, color page (black), acrobat people (patterns)

Whole Group: - https://www.abcya.com/games/alphabet, the students will all be working together as a whole group to try to fix the alphabet and put it back together again. The students will be called 1 at time to come up to the board and find the letter that comes next in the alphabet.

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