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  • Ms. Stoneberger

Newsletter X

Circle Time:

Pledge of Allegiance, Good morning ball game, sharing time, weather, go over today’s date/days of the week/months of the year, read aloud, letter of the week,

Group Activities:

· Sorting items big and small

· Sorting colors

· Shape Activity

· Friend’s activity

· Show & Tell



*Letter X booklet, reading center, x is for xylophone craft, & tangrams letter X


*Find & color letter X worksheet, ABC writing, Doctor Kits, & playdoh letter X


*Color, find & trace letter X worksheet, Magnet boards ABC’s, xylophone dot sticker activity, & Magnet fun


*Writing letter X, picture matching game, ABC train tracing, & bear patterns/colors


Letter X reading practice/Find and Dot letter X, ABC go fishing game, x-ray craft of hand, & puzzles


· April 16, 2021 show and tell for letter (X)

· Please bring water bottles to school

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