• Ms. Stoneberger

Preschool Newsletter August 28th-September 4th


· Centers: cars/preschool assessments, learning the color red worksheet, lacing ABC beads, back to school apple pg. (cut and paste)

· Whole group: Getting to know each other animal game


· Centers: learning the color orange worksheet/preschool assessments, drawing a picture of themselves, puzzles, stacking cups and creating a tower

· Whole Group: bean bag challenge game (directional assessment)


· Centers: learning the color yellow worksheet/preschool assessments, number magnet practice, rainbow writing your name, can you build me a house out of the materials I give you (stem activity)

· Whole Group: Getting to know each other color game.


· Centers: learning the color green worksheet/preschool assessments, color caterpillar craft, create something with tangrams, geo boards

· Whole Group: Hide and Seek name find game


· Centers: learning the color blue worksheet/preschool assessments, sorting colored bears, painting craft with painting tools, building something with brain flakes

· Whole Group: ABC card game/ stand up and act out the alphabet cards


· Centers: candy land board game (learning colors), paint me a rainbow with water colors, playdoh fun, learning the color purple worksheet

· Whole Group: Read the book called Chicka-Chicka Boom, Boom book, sing the alphabet song as I point to each letter

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