• Ms. Stoneberger

Preschool Newsletter K

Updated: Jan 8


No school-Teacher In-Service


Centers: kite number roll & cover, playdoh shapes, tangrams letter of the week, & find the alphabet letters in the mystery box

Whole Group: 1st ten mins read books to a warm fuzzy, 2nd ten mins read a book to a friend


Centers: smooth reading story 1, making patterns with bears, ABC soup game, & paper flowers craft

Whole Group: Bible lesson for preschoolers (writing is fun), prayer, activity


Centers: peppermint science experiment, build a king’s castle with outside stacking cups, letter K water paint worksheet, & bridges to build and test

Whole Group: Apple, apple oops game; the students will put the alphabet back in order again


Centers: writing the letter of the week worksheet, kinetic sand fun, ABC ball toss, & whack a mole board game

Whole Group: Show and tell for letter K (bring something that starts with the letter K)

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