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School Pickup


Thank you for your patience and support of the many changes we have had to implement due to the pandemic.  We are still trying to make a few small changes to make dismissal easier for everyone.  Please remember that we are trying to stagger dismissal, however, we have to stay as close to 3:15 dismissal as possible for grades 1 - 5 in order to count the minutes toward our state requirements. 

Regular Pick Up

Below are the times we would like to set/follow as closely as possible:

3:00 - All Day Preschool students are dismissed from the front steps.  If you have a preschooler, please come to the front porch so he/she can be released to your care to return across the parking lot safely.  

3:05 - Kindergarten Only Students - Parents of kindergartners who have no older siblings attending St. Andrew's, please come to the front porch and meet your child so he/she can be released to your care to return across the parking lot safely. 

3:05 - Bus Dismissal 

3:10 - All other kindergarten students will be released with older siblings if parents are here.  

3:15 - Final Dismissal - all remaining students will be released as their parents arrive.  

If you are picking up your child(ren) regularly and do not have a sign with your name on it, please let me know so we can have one made.  We did not make them for families who normally send children to the After School Program. We are also still working on preschool and kindergarten signs.  There will be a different staff member working at the front door each week, and they do not know every family, so the signs are helpful.  

Clarification - you are asked to remain in your car until the time for your child's dismissal.  This is to follow social distancing guidelines.  When we start the dismissal of your child(ren), you are welcome to get out of your car so they can see you.  Parents of our younger students are encouraged to meet your child on the front porch for safety reasons.  

I hope this clears up any confusion.  

After School Pick Up

We are still working out some details about after school dismissal.  During good weather, we will be on the playground until 4:00.  If you come before then, please pick your child up at the small south gate.  

Between 4:00 - 5:00, please ring the bell.  We will ask who you are picking up and then send them to the front door.  Older students will be sent out to meet their parents.  Younger students will be walked to the front door by a teacher or older student.  

In case of inclement weather we will be inside the entire time so please ring the doorbell.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you again for your help with this!  

Christina L. Whitehair

Principal/Preschool Teacher

St. Andrew's Elementary School

301 S. Buckeye Ave.

Abilene. KS  67410


Office: 785-263-2453 | Mobile:785-250-9129

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