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Thursday News

We are finishing up our unit this week on apples - and moving on to pumpkins next week!  We studied about St. Theresa the Little Flower this week adn the kids colored pictures with her novena prayer to bring home and pray each day.  We will be learning all about guardian angels tomorrow and we are making apple pie!  It's a kid friendly version but I will be sure to post some pictures! They typically come out delicious!  I hope this year is no different! I do need your help!  If your kiddo can't tie their shoes yet, please try to avoid tie shoes until they have the hang of it!  Also, as the weather is all over the place, be sure to send your kiddos with jackets or light coats.  Practice zipping up their coats with them so they learn to do it on their own.  Both of these are things we assess in kindergarten.   Congratulations to Charly McAsey and Tucker Brooks for competing in our summer reading contest!  We are very proud of them and they will be getting their prizes tomorrow with the rest of the school participants!  Way to go!! Special thanks to the Stephens for a treat this week of fresh watermelon! The kids loved it!!

Thank you!

Garden of Eden, STREAM style!!”

On Monday, October 5, the Moose Creek Pumpkin Patch is coming to us!  We will have a short presentation and then we will be hunting pumpkins!  Please be sure to patron them if you have time this season!  They are incredibly generous with our school - and we are super blessed!  I will be posting pictures - one of my favorite trips!  We will also be learning about St. Francis of Assisi - lots of amazing feast days in October.   We have lots of info to share and I will be sending a sign up home for help with some projects - I appreciate your help, it really enhances their learning when we add those projects - and our budget doesn't cover everything we do!  Thank you to all who have donated items from our Amazon wish list and just supplies in general- it is such fun to get new things for our class!  The kids have really enjoyed it!   Thank you for all of your help, support and prayers!

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