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Week #2

Look at our right hand prints on our bulletin board :)

We have done a lot of activities involving recognizing our right hand this week. We use that one a lot! Although we might not all use it to write, we all use it to do the sign of the cross when we pray, and we also put our right hand on our heart to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

We pick a helper of the day every morning. The helper gets to hold the flag when we say the Pledge. The helper is also the line leader that day, and assists the teacher with various tasks throughout the day. It is a lot of fun ;)

This week we also talked about some of our feelings: being happy, calm, and being sad and tired. How to recognize them, how does that feel, what can we do to feel better. We encourage you to help your children place words on their feelings. We will continue talking about feelings this next week.

In religion, our lesson was My Teacher Welcomes Me. We read a story about children playing at school and enjoying learning about Jesus. The work page came home in the red folder. Encourage your children to talk about the things that they enjoy doing when they are at school.

In science, we continued observing our caterpillars and learning about them. We fed our biggest one together. It had started to attach itself to get into its chrysalis stage,

and shhhh... it has already transformed from this picture! God's creatures are amazing!!! The children have also enjoyed making some caterpillars with playdoh...

And of course we played a lot! It is very nice to watch the children share and work as a team towards a project! Look how tall this tower is :)

Coming up:

Please help us decorate our birthday board in the classroom! I would love it if you could send me a paper copy of a photo of your family, that I could display on the bulletin board next to your child's name (this picture will stay up for the entire school year). Thank you in advance for this ;)

This week we will be working on the primary colors: Monday - red, Wednesday - blue, Friday - yellow. You may dress your child with the color of the day (we will take colorful pictures ;). If your child has a book that talks about any of these colors, he/she may bring it to share it with the class!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend, and I will see you all tomorrow!

Mrs Aline Hunter

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