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Welcome to Preschool!

We had a wonderful week starting out the 2022-2023 year of preschool! We spent most of this first week learning the rules and routines of the school day and learning our way around the school! We enjoyed a fun tour of the school including the office, kitchen and classrooms. Fr. Peter came and introduced himself and blessed our classroom.

We had so much fun going to centers: this week we enjoyed the sand table, babies/kitchen, building with blocks and making some stain glass cross (chalk) art. We talked about our emotions a lot and discussed how we all have different feelings and what we can do with those feelings. We also talked a little about friendship and our preschool class family. We are continuing along those same lines this week as we learn about apples and friends!

We also celebrated Camden's birthday!

In religion, we read the bible story of Jesus calling Peter, Andrew, James and John from their fishing boats to follow him and be his disciples. The religion lesson flyer should have come home in your child's backpack. We will have a religion lesson every Wednesday on a regular basis. We also discussed the holy feast day "The Assumption" of Mary. We talked about how Mary is our Mother, and Queen of heaven and earth.

In addition to learning a lot of fun music and movement songs we are learning a handful of songs with our writing curriculum. If your child comes home singing "Pick Up a Crayon, "The Ant, The Bug and the Bee," or "Where Do We Start Our Letters?" then you know we are singing them at school. :) We are currently working on how to hold our pencil/crayon with a tripod grip, and one thing you can continue to work on with your child at home is writing their name. If they don't have their name yet, please work on the first letter and then build on from there as they master one letter at a time.

One really important thing for the entire year is that you continue to check your child's folder every day for their papers as well as any notes from the school. Please praise them for all their hard work they bring home! The folder is the way I will communicate with you (if it is in the bring back side- please send back.) Thank you for your teamwork in making this a successful year for your child!! Also important: your child needs a water bottle every day at preschool. It's a long day and they need to have water available. You can have them bring it home every day, or if it's easier, you can request that it stay for the week and then take it home Friday to wash.


*This week begins St. Andrews trash bag sales (our school fundraiser.) A note should have come home in your child's folder yesterday. Please read through it and if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me. I will answer the best I can or put you in touch with someone who can get you an answer.

*This Friday will be the first sack lunch parent picnic. These will be once a month throughout the year. You can choose to bring your child's sack lunch, send their sack lunch with them in the morning, or sign up for a sack lunch with Ms. Becky on the school website. In addition, I will forward you the link through e-mail- it will be the same sign-up link for the entire year so please keep this link handy.

Thank You so much for all your support, cooperation and communication for a great start to the school year! Many blessings to your family this year. I'm so excited to have each of my students in class! We're going to have so much fun on our learning adventure this year!

-Mrs. Whitehair

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