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X is for X-Ray and Y is for Yellow Yarn!

We had a short week (Tuesday-Friday) working on letters X and Y. For X we discussed X-rays and made X-rays in art. (These are on the bulletin board but will be coming home in a week or so.) We also made a big X filled with little x's. We enjoyed exploring all kinds of different musical instruments during centers, especially the xylophone. We worked on a xylophone listening activity and we also did a letter X version of musical chairs (this got us up and moving the day we had inside recess.) Letter X is unique in that there are not a lot of words beginning with X in our English language, so we did discuss the /x/ sound and how it shows up at the end of words like "fox" and "box."

We worked on our handwriting skills in our HWT book and made letter Y's out of yarn and did a letter Y maze. We had fun making letter Y's with our body! We worked on the few words we could think of that begin with letter Y (yucky, yummy, yellow, yam, yak, yarn, yolk, etc.)

Additionally, we continued working on beginning sounds in centers and are continuing work on recognizing/writing numbers. We have been playing games using dice and they are getting good at recognizing the numbers of dots on dice.

In our VBRD we continue to do a weekly circle- this week's discussion was on how we can be good friend. They gave concrete examples of when they are a good friend (when I share, when I say kind words, when I am patient, when I include others, etc.) We have such amazing preschoolers!

Finally, we enjoyed some new things at center time, such as tangrams, music and the reading center and the play kitchen. I've attached some pictures of them at center time. Keep in mind the transitional kindergarteners are no longer in our room during centers so some of the things I'm listing each week they may not be doing as they are now going to K for music and P.E. while we're at centers. There are two groups of pictures below. Enjoy!


*No school tomorrow, Monday Feb. 21

*Show and Tell Friday

*I will be doing a unit on dental health this week and will be sending home a teeth brushing chart. The following week we will be studying different jobs- I would love to have any of you come visit the classroom to tell a little about your job. Please e-mail me if you are interested/can come in during the morning for about 10-20 minutes to share your job with the class. (February 28-March 4)

Have a great week!

-Mrs. Whitehair

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