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Book & Material Fee
$100. The book and material fee is due annually. The fee applies to all new students, including those whose siblings attend St. Andrew’s. This fee covers Registration, Books and Materials. $50 per student- Transitional Kindergarten  
Technology Fee
Each family pledges to earn $150 in SCRIP for the school or pay an additional $150 in annual tuition. Any extra amount earned over $150, up to a maximum of $500 will be reimbursed back towards your tuition for the following school year.
Stewardship Hours
The success of St. Andrew's Elementary School is due to the time, talent, or treasure of the families who enroll their kids. Each family is asked to commit to 25 stewardship hours for school and/or Home & School activities. If families are unable to complete stewardship hours, families may choose to pay an additional $500 in annual tuition.
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