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1st Grade Garden September 12- September 16

Teachers Notes:

Thank you to all the Grandparents who could make it to our Grandparents day on Friday last week. To all our grandparents who could not make it we are thinking of you in our prayers. Last week we were also visited by the Ike Education program and got to learn some very interesting things about President Eisenhower. After all the fun that we had last week it is time for us to get settled into our routine of school. There will be some homework every night my goal is to not have more than 30 minutes worth of homework. If you find that it takes your student longer than that to do the homework please let me know as soon as your can so I can make adjustments.

Important Dates:

  • September 12- Mass at 2:00 instead of on Tuesday

  • September 13 – No Mass, School Council Meeting, 6:30 p.m.

  • September 19 – Picture Day

  • September 24 – Open House

  • September 26 – No School, Staff Inservice


Every night this week your student will come home with either a math sheet or a reading sheet.

This week we will begin our reading logs, these logs are on how long the student reads not how many books. The students have a goal to meet each month but if we do a little each day they should have no problems meeting their goals. When the goal for each month is broken up it comes to 10 minutes each day.

Please help your student to study their spelling words each day. We will be doing games and activities in school to help us study our word but there is only so much time we will have to study our words.

Spelling Words of the Week:

  1. pin

  2. win

  3. hit

  4. sit

  5. miss

  6. kiss

  7. nap

  8. can

  9. out

  10. up


Next Monday is picture day, please send in your picture packet. I will do my best to try to send out an email on Friday reminding everyone about picture day as well as on Sunday as a last minute reminder. Please continue to check your students homework folder every night and to write in the reading log how long they read each day.

Saint of the Week:

Saint Benedict (about 480-547) Benedict, a student in Rome, left the city to live as a hermit. His holiness inspired other men to follow him. Together they built a monastery at Monte Cassino, Italy, and lived a communal life of prayer, study, and work. The monks followed a rule, or guide, written by Benedict. His feast day is July 11th.

Prayer of the Week:

God our Father, we praise you for all your wonderful works. Help our family follow the example of Saint Benedict by making prayer an important part of our lives each day. Amen.

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