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5th Grade Fall Update

I always seem to have extreme technical difficulty doing these newsletters, so bear with me. Here is a brief update as to what we have been doing in the first month of the school year.

We have been learning life skills such as how to have good manners, practicing proper eating etiquette; how to be kind and respectful to our neighbors even when they annoy us; how to be trustworthy, responsible leaders of the school; having job responsibilities and being dependable; recognizing people in need and helping out without being asked; and doing kind deeds without expecting to be recognized for what they do.

We have also been going over the prescribed Diocesan program called Child Lures. The students have been learning how lures for kids their age are often on-line lures and how to recognize and be responsible on all electronic devices and apps. Please talk to your kids and be aware of the apps they are using and what information they are sharing on electronic games, phones, and devices. The vulnerability for kids to be targeted online in various ways is astounding to say the least.

Last but not least, we have been doing Fastbridge Testing as well as several other tests to evaluate where the students are at, strengths and weaknesses, and developing individual learning plans for each student to best meet their needs and prepare them for the future. Be sure to encourage and promote reading every day so that your child can always be developing their skills and vocabulary. Thanks for all you do to help promote these and all skills in your child’s growth!

Upcoming Dates:

Wed., 9-14 - Battle of the Books and Choir Practice

Mon., 9-19 - Picture Day in uniforms

Wed., 9-21 - Vision Screenings

Sat., 9-24 - Open House for adults only

Mon., 9-26 - NO School - Teacher In-Service

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