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Auction Tickets on Sale January 17th

Here's everything you need to know to ensure you Snag the Best Table!


Dinner & Live Auction Event

Saturday, February 10

6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

St. Andrew’s Elementary School

301 S. Buckeye

You must be 21 to Attend.

Tickets for our Charity Auction will go on sale at 11:00 AM on Wednesday, January 17th, ONLINE. We'll proactively contact those guests we know purchased in-person last year. We aim to serve our community well and be mindful of our volunteers' time.


Tickets will be sold as single, couple, and 8-Top Tables. Tickets are $50 each. You can indicate your zone preference as your meal option this year, and our fabulous volunteer will assign you table. Check out this year's table map to select your favorite zone.

Tables will be assigned on a first purchase/first choice basis in your preferred Zone. Our fabulous volunteers may contact you to confirm your table assignment if an option is unavailable in your select zone. Don't worry-- we have access to where you sat last year. We will work to ensure all our guests feel welcome. If you have any questions-- you can message our team on our Facebook page.


For attendees who would like to be GUARANTEED an 8-top table, you must purchase the entire table. This ensures we don't have split tables or hold a table for people who do not end up attending. If you have the means, consider purchasing a table and inviting a couple who has never attended before.

Please coordinate with your friends and family early— as eight tops usually go first! We will update the table map with the last names of attendees, ideally every Friday. Be sure to check our event registration page or this post to see the updated map. Be sure to have email addresses for all attendees in your party when you register. This ensures all attendees can update their contact information and add a payment option before the event and register to bid online.


If you have questions— please message us on our Facebook page.

Your ticket includes dinner, drinks, and the option to bid on some fantastic items and packages. You can enjoy a fun night on the town— and know you’re helping support the community.

You can access the link to purchase on our Charity Auction Page: or get the link from this post on Wednesday.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't we choose our own tables?

So, here's the scoop: we've had a bit of a tangle in the past with our table assignments. Imagine the excitement of snagging the perfect table, only to discover someone else thought it was their perfect table too – oops! Our system's a little on the leisurely side when it comes to updates, which has led to a few mix-ups and disappointed faces. We’ve got an amazing volunteer chair who’s the bee's knees at keeping things running like clockwork. And hey, if you’ve got a sprinkle of genius on how we could jazz things up for the better, consider this your backstage pass to join the fun and lead the charge next year!

When can we buy tickets in person?

We're all about making things smoother and zippier, which is why snagging tickets online is the way to go! It's not just about convenience; it's about keeping our team from turning into spreadsheet wizards with hours of manual entry (trust us, it's quite an undertaking!) If you absolutely need to purchase tickets in-person, please message us on Facebook.

Can I come to the school, buy my tickets, and pick my table?

As much as we love seeing your smiling face at the school, the 'choose-your-own-table' adventure is simply not an option. While we can't dissuade you from visiting the school to drop off a check, you will still have to wait until our team member contacts you. This will allow the teachers and staff to focus on what they do best, serving the students of St. Andrew's.

Is my ticket tax-deductible?

Your dinner ticket includes dinner, drinks, and the option to bid generously on a fabulous assortment of LIVE AUCTION items. Your ticket is not considered a donation. However, if you bid over the amount of the value of an item or bid on the item less item, that is considered a tax-deductible donation. Reminder, always check with your financial advisor for your charitable contribution questions.

When will I get my physical tickets?

We've got good news. Once you purchase your tickets, you are in our online system. You can update your bidder profile and update your payment information when the time comes, so you won't need a physical ticket for entry.

I would like to give to the auction, is there still time?

We're on a thrilling quest to hit a goal of $150,000 – ambitious, sure, but with the heart and spirit of our community, we're all set to soar! Every penny and every item goes straight into making St. Andrew's not just great, but extraordinary. And the best part? It helps keep tuition within reach for all our families, which is pretty amazing, if you ask us. To make sure your contribution gets the spotlight it deserves in our auction book, just make sure it lands in our hands by January 20th. We can't wait to celebrate the difference you're making!

What is the Golden Ticket?

Imagine this: a mere 100 exclusive tickets available, each for $100, giving you the shot at a dazzling $1,000 cash prize, or the choice of any item from our LIVE Auction roster. And get this – you don't even have to be at the event to snag the cash! If you have your eye on a LIVE Auction prize, make sure you've got your Live Auction ticket in hand to qualify. We'll be drawing the lucky winner on or before the Live Auction event, so stay tuned. Some restrictions apply.

Can my children attend the auction?

Unfortunately, no. Our Dinner and Live auction event is reserved for adults over 21. We would encourage families who have helped our school through stewardship or donation to attend our Donor's Night on Friday, February 9th.

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