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Catholic School Week (2021): Activities

We are so excited for a full week of celebrating Catholic School Education starting on Sunday. Here's the full list of activities this week!

St. Andrew’s Catholic Schools Week Activities

January 31 - February 6, 2021

Sunday, January 31

We LOVE our Church and Parishioners

  • Students and Staff Attend Weekend Liturgies and participate in Ministries.

  • Thank You Notes to Parishioners

Monday, February 1

We LOVE our Community

  • Tops & Bottoms Day (Wear Silly Socks and a Favorite Hat with Your Uniform)

  • Kindness to Our Community Day

  • Mass at 2:15 PM with Bishop Vincke

Tuesday, February 2

We LOVE our Parents and Families

  • Dress as a Favorite Saint

  • Saint Game Day

Wednesday, February 3

We LOVE Our County and Our World

  • Wear as Much Red, White, and Blue as you can with your uniform

  • Prayer Chain for our Country

  • Mass at 2:15 PM

Thursday, February 4

We LOVE our Teachers, Staff, & Volunteers

  • Dress in Clothes to Represent a Profession You Admire

  • Spelling Bees: Grade 4 & 5 at 1:00 PM, Grade 2 & 3 at 1:40 PM, Grades K & 1 at 2:15 PM

Friday, February 5

We LOVE our Students and Alumni

  • Pajama and Crazy Hair Day

  • Talent Show Video Day

  • Sock Hop- Bring a New Pair of Socks or $1 to Donate to the Food & Clothing Bank

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