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Covid Update: March 2021

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Parents - here is a complete list of changes we will be making after spring break regarding COVID procedures. These updates are in response to changes that the Dickinson County Health Department is providing for our schools. We will follow our same dismissal schedule. Abilene Public Schools are changing their starting/ending times, but we are not so we can stay with the ending date of Friday, May 21. Bus students will be leaving a little earlier than others and will miss most of the closing prayer. Lunch - Fifth grade will eat in the gym with preschool and fourth grade. Transitional kindergartners will now be eating with K - 1st. Spacing guidelines will still be implemented since eating is considered a high-risk activity. All students, including preschoolers, may enter through the front door. We will not be checking the temperatures of students on a daily basis. Guests and visitors not in the building regularly will still be required to check-in. K - 5 students will be gathering in the gym for closing prayer each day. We will not have closing prayer via ZOOM unless we have students in quarantine. Grade 1 - 5 students will attend both school masses each week. Kindergarten will attend once a week. Fifth graders will be allowed to partner with kindergartners at mass. This is considered a low-risk activity since they will be wearing masks. Classes may have cross-grade level activities as long as they are all wearing masks. Both preschool classes will attend recess together at 9:15. Masks will not be required during recess. Students may leave them at their desks and replace them when they return to their classroom. Parents who want their children to wear a mask at recess - please let your child and your child's teacher know that you prefer that they continue wearing a mask at recess. We are excited to implement these changes while continuing to keep everyone safe. Most of our staff members will be completely vaccinated when we return from spring break. I will be meeting with the county health department and other school officials on Monday afternoon for further guidance concerning masks in school since the county ordinance has been lifted. Masks are still recommended, but not required in our county. We will also be discussing the updated quarantining guidelines. Please continue to pray for God's protection and blessings for our students, staff members, and their families! Christina L. Whitehair Principal/Preschool Teacher St. Andrew's Elementary School 785-263-2453 785-250-9129 (cell)

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