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Details for Enrollment: August 7th & 8th

Welcome Back to School!!  Reminder - Enrollment is today and Friday. 

We are excited to announce that enrollment, including payments, can be completed online this year.

We encourage all families to use online enrollment for the 2020-2021 School Year if possible.

We are excited to announce details for contactless online payments. Check out this post for more details about e-funds for schools.


If you are a new family joining St. Andrew's School, please use this link to download the paperwork.


Once the paperwork is filled out, please SAVE AS your Last Name and email the attachment to standrews@sasabilene.com.

Please check out our tuition page, to review costs for your family. Please check the tuition page found here: https://www.standrewsabilene.com/tuition

To verify the amount due, email standrews@sasabilene.com.


Returning families, please use the link and RSVP to confirm your family's contact information. 


Scrip and technology agreement will remain as-is unless you email standrews@sasabilene.com to request a change.

Last year's tuition should give you a baseline for this year, but please note the $25 increase per child.


Here is a link to our Reopening Plan: https://cutt.ly/ldQbp8U Here is a link to the School Supply List: https://cutt.ly/9dQbr5q Here is the link to our tentative 2020 - 2021 School Calendar: https://cutt.ly/udQnlZW

We look forward to empowering and educating your child(ren) this year!

God Bless,

Christina L. Whitehair

Principal/Preschool Teacher

St. Andrew's Elementary School

301 S. Buckeye Ave.

Abilene. KS  67410

Email: cwhitehair@sasabilene.com Phone: 785-263-2453

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