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First Grade Garden- August 15-19

Good Morning and Welcome to Our First Grade Garden! In this class we will be fostering a place of growth and exploration. If you ever have a question please send in a note or email me. I will get back as soon as possible. Thank you.

Important Dates:

  1. August 15- Holy Day Mass, 2:00

  2. August 16- K-5 Safety talks

  3. August 19- Summer Reading Party

  4. August 22- Trash bag sell begins

  5. August 25- Home and School at 6:30

6.August 26- No uniform day (family picnic)


Please check your students yellow folder every night. If you have not already please send back your students information sheet.


  • The only homework for this week is to please read to your student at least 15 minutes over the whole week or for one night. Reading to your student is a great way to help them learn how to read.

Saint of the week: St. Rose of Lima

  • Rose grew up in a poor family in Lima, Peru. She learned about her faith by listening at Mass. Rose spent long hours in prayer. To serve others, she set up a room in her family's home where poor children and the elderly received free healthcare. She became the first saint of the Americas. Fest day is August 30.

Prayer for the week:

Loving God, bless our family as we begin this day. Help us follow the example of Saint Rose of Lima by loving and caring for others. Amen.

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