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Kindergarten August Newsletter


· Essential Question of the week: How is everyone special?

· Oral Vocabulary words: Friends, family

· Concepts of print, identify words, word building

·Phonemic Awareness: Phoneme blending, isolation, segmentation

·Literature Big book/questions/answers

· Verbs, rhymes, identify sight words, picture sort, syllables, nouns

·Sight Words: I, not


· Lesson 1: Analyze to find two objects that are exactly the same or not exactly the same

· Lesson 2: Analyze to find two similar objects----these are the same but…..

· Lesson 3: Classify to find two objects that share a visual pattern, color, and use.

· Lesson 4: Classify items into two pre-determined categories

· Lesson 5: Classify items into three categories, determine the count in each, and reason about how the last number named determines the total.

Up-Coming Events in August:

· 15 - Holy Day Mass, 2:00 p.m.

· 16 - K - 5 Safety Talks

· 19 - Summer Reading Party

· 22 - Trash Bag Sales Begin

· 25 - Home & School Meeting, 6:30 p.m.

· 26 - No Uniform Day, Family Picnic Day

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