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Kindergarten Newsletter April 3rd-7th


·Essential Question of the week: How do you take care of different kinds of pets?

·Oral Vocabulary words: responsibility, train, compared, social, depend

·Concepts of print, identify words, word building

·Phonemic Awareness: Phoneme blending, isolation, segmentation

·Literature Big book/questions/answers

·Verbs, rhymes, identify sight words, picture sort, syllables, nouns, compound words, nonsense words, adjectives, pet words

· Sight Word: Review all sight words

Math: (learning about a quarter)

·all about a Quarter booklet

·sorting quarters into a jar (cut/paste)

· make a quarter poster!

*********Seder Meal************

Upcoming events in April:

· 6 – Holy Thursday, Seder Meal, 11:30

·7 – No School - Good Friday

·10 – No School, Easter Monday

·11 – Third Grade Ag Day; School Council Meeting, 6:30 p.m.


·Please read to your child every night for 10 mins so he/she can go to our next reading party! Make sure you turn in your signed slips back to me on Fridays to count!!!!

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