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Newsletter October 3rd-7th


· Essential Question of the week: How do tools help us to explore?

·Vocabulary: Tool, discover, defeated, fetch, rumble

. Concepts of print, identify words, word building

· Phonemic Awareness: Phoneme blending, isolation, segmentation

. Literature Big book/questions/answers

· Verbs, rhymes, identify sight words, picture sort, syllables, nouns, verbs

· Writing a sentence & drawing a picture with details

· Sight Words: I, not, can, Just, your, the, out, we, see


· Roll and color Apple game

· Math lesson 26: Count 10 objects in linear and array configurations (2 fives). Match with numeral 10. Place on the 5-group mat. Dialogue about 9 and 10. Write numeral 10.

· Math lesson 27: Count 10 objects, and move between all configurations

· Math lesson 28: Act out result unknown story problems without equations

· Math lesson 29: Order and match numeral and dot cards from 1 to 10. State 1 more than a given number

Upcoming Events in October

·10- Inservice, no school

· 14- End of 1st Quarter, Dismiss at 1:00

· 19-SunnySide Pumpkin patch field trip 8:10-11:30

· 20- Fall Conferences 12:00-8:00

· 21- No school

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