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  • Ms. Stoneberger

Newsletter Z

April 26th-April 30th

Letter of the Week: Z

Circle Time:

Pledge of Allegiance, Good morning ball game, sharing time, weather, go over today’s date/days of the week/months of the year, read aloud, letter of the week,

Group Activities:

· Rainbow book/game find the colors around the room.

· Dancing with scarves

· Hot potato game

· ABC Cards Review

· Show and Tell Letter Z



· Testing writing V-Z, Blocks build a zoo, letter Z for zebra craft, & build a zoo animal with connecting cubes.


· ABC Go fish game Letter/sounds identification, cars, tangrams letter Z, & lacing cards


· Flash Cards ABC/shapes/colors, ABC puzzle at desk on their own, color/find/trace letter Z, & stacking cups


· writing name on whiteboards, reading zoo books, magnet boards ABC’s, & Brain flakes (creating)


· writing numbers practice worksheet, puppets, Letter Z worksheet, animals


· Please bring a Show and Tell for letter Z, April 30th

· Please bring water bottles to school

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