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S is for Spring!!

It was a great week celebrating the beginning of spring even if the weather didn't really cooperate. We enjoyed a VBRD circle at the beginning of this week to share all the fun we had over spring break. I even had one friend share that his favorite part of spring break was "coming back to school!" This made my heart so happy! :)

The letter S is one of the most difficult to write and we worked this week writing it (and painting it) correctly as well as recognizing "S" and the sound. The preschoolers came up with a giant list of words that begin with letter S- 60 to be exact!! :) We enjoyed a letter S hunt through magazines and made a master class collage of all the words we found.

During centers we worked on a letter review of all the letters as in this part of the year I'm expecting them to be recognizing most of the letters in the alphabet. We also did some rhyming skills and made sandwiches of letter S's. We also had fun continuing the "pet vet" and "firefighter" centers in dramatic play that we began before break. We explored kinetic sand in the sensory center and each made big letter "S" out of colored sand.

In religion we discussed David- and how his prayers to God (which became the book of Psalms in the bible) can help us express our prayers to God through song. We also talked a lot about friendship and are focusing on "not being first" to do everything.

We did some fun science on what will dissolve in water and what will not. We experimented with 8 different items and predicted whether or not we thought they'd dissolve and then recorded if they did or did not. This was very fun for them! We also did a scholastic news on storms and read some books on how and why storms form and what all is happening during a thunderstorm.

In math, we continued to work on counting, categorizing, more than, less than and simple addition. We had fun with the soft color blocks designing and building and creating! We also began a lesson on reviewing the shapes. This week we will be doing a game with some simple ten frame addition and will continue hitting the shapes.

This next week we will continue on spring and bring in some more spring weather books as we begin letter K and discuss kites and Kansas wind.

I appreciate so many of you sending coats with your kiddos! I am a huge fan of going outside even if it's a short time. If we are able we WILL go out. Please continue to send coats with your child when in doubt. Sometimes it looks like it's going to be nice but it's really quite chilly in the mornings. Thank you so much!!

Some Important Upcoming Reminders:

*Show and Tell Thursday (since we have no school Fri.)

*Thursday night Preschool Open House 5:30-7:30


*April 8 Family Sack Lunch Day

*April 14 Field Trip Forms Due

*No School April 15-18 for Easter

*April 22 Fun Night

*Friendly reminder- please clean out your child's folder before sending it back from the weekend. I have some friends who can't get another paper in their folder because papers have built up over the week. Thank You!

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