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School Schedule Changes

Here are some important decisions made at the School Council Meeting this week:

2021 School Auction:

  • Family and business solicitations will continue as usual.

  • The raffle will continue as usual with the drawing being February 13.

  • Class projects will be auctioned somehow during the week of February 13.

  • The actual auction will be postponed until summer. A tentative date of July 24 was set.

  • February 12 will still be an auction workday.

We are hoping to collect enough through cash donations and the raffle to make it financially to the end of the school year. We hope to have some kind of auction in the summer when people can attend (outside event if necessary).

School Calendar:

As you may be aware, the public school changed its calendar to include several Wednesdays with no students (early dismissal for high school) for teachers to have work-time to help with lesson planning related to teaching both remote and in-person classes. As a staff, we decided that we do not think having Wednesdays off is in the best interest of our students. We made different changes to our calendar to give teachers additional plan time as well while selecting days that will not take away as much quality learning time. The new calendar has enough time to fulfill our state requirements and also has four snow days built-in. The minutes added to each day this year have allowed for these changes.

Please see the changes that are in bold on the new calendar.

Thank you for your support of these decisions made by our School Council.

The staff and I are grateful for your continued prayers and support.

God's Blessings!

Christina L. Whitehair

Principal/Preschool Teacher

St. Andrew's Elementary School

Office: 785-263-2453

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