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Third Grade News

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

We've had a busy first full week of school! We had the privilege of attending Mass both Monday and Wednesday afternoons. We enjoyed a birthday celebration Thursday including popsicles and art time (a directed drawing of a monkey! See pictures below.)

We started filling out our planners this week. Just a reminder: anything that is homework should be circled. Thank you for signing/initialing your child's planner each evening (except Fridays.) You may write me a note in the planner if needed. I stamp them each morning. The third graders did an EXCELLENT job of completing and turning in math homework this week! They also earned several marbles for good behavior. We'll be voting on a class reward soon if they keep this up!

This week we started our FRIENDZY program. It ties in well with our virtue-based restorative discipline as well as our religion curriculum. We did a class circle and had our first lesson about building each other up. Our catchphrase this month is "we need each other." The virtue we're focusing on this first quarter is unity.

We also read a book by Mathew Kelly called Why Am I Here? Our class motto is: be the best version of yourself! We discussed what this means and have shared many examples. We've talked about how being the best version of ourselves is why God created us and helps brings us closer to Him.

Looking ahead:

Next week we'll be starting our Safety Program: Think First and Stay Safe. We will discuss lots of ways to stay safe and healthy. Look for parent hand-outs coming home. I will try to share the specific topics as we cover them each week.

We will also start spelling. The students will write the list in the planner on Monday of each week, and we'll test on Friday. Our reading logs will begin as well. These are blue and will be sent home at the beginning of the week. Students need to read and record it on the log, which will be turned in Tuesday of each week (60 minutes total). This may be done during the after school program. (Students who usually attend after school have 10-15 minutes of reading after they complete homework before they start another activity.)

Thursday, Aug. 26 - Home & School Meeting, 6:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 27 - No Uniform Day and Family Picnic Day (students may bring a sack lunch and $1)

*Please see the school website or let me know if you have any questions.*

Have a great weekend!

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