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Trash Bag Sale

This is a copy of the Trash Bag Sale letter that will be sent home today with copies of last year's order form, if applicable. You can download the 2020 order form. The sale will begin today and run through Friday, September 18th.

See the Trash Bag Letter below.

Dear Parents and Students,

It is trash bag sales time again! This has been a super successful Home & School fundraiser for the last several years and we hope for it to be again. Sales start TODAY (Aug. 31) and will run through Friday, September 18, 2020. Please turn in all order forms and money that day. For families with multiple students, only one order form(s) per family is necessary. Trash bags will be delivered to the school on September 25th. We will need MANY volunteers to help organize orders that afternoon! Rolls will be sold at $11 each again this year.

Again this year, we will be selling the Pink Lawn bags. For every PINK roll sold, 10c goes to Relay for Life and supports breast cancer awareness. PLEASE NOTE, the pink bags are just a little smaller than the yellow bags.

We are awarding 6 prizes this year. The top-selling family earns a choice of $50 Scrip Card order. Second Place is a choice of $25 Scrip Card Order and third place is a $25 Scrip Card order. We will also be drawing 3 additional $25 Scrip Card orders at random, from all sales sheets. However, to qualify for all prizes, order forms, and all money must be turned in by the September 18th deadline.

A school goal of 2,500 rolls sold has been set for a special ALL SCHOOL PARTY. However, all bags must be removed from the gym by Friday, October 2nd or it could affect party hours!!! Based on the number of families enrolled at St. Andrew’s, each family has been given a goal of selling 45 rolls. All students (and teachers!) who reach this goal will receive a no uniform coupon.

Profits from the fundraiser help to fund many resources and programs for our students including the purchase of new textbooks, field trips, and more. Please contact the school or the Trash Bag Chair listed below if you have any questions.

Please see the order sheet that was sent home with your child from last year, if applicable. If you didn’t have one from last year, you may check in the office for a list of customers from students that have graduated or are no longer attending St. Andrew’s School. Additional order forms can be picked up from the office or printed from the Home & School page of the St. Andrew’s School website.

Happy sales,

St. Andrew Home & School Association

Kristen McAsey


Trash Bag Sales Co- Coordinator

Ann Strunk

Trash Bag Sales Co-Coordinator

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