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Week #21

J is for Jocelyn, joy and Jesus!!!

We learned the letter J this week. We are getting really good at recognizing our uppercase letters and their sounds!

In religion, our lesson was: Jesus is born :) We talked about how Jesus was a very special baby, who grew up to be a very special man for us!

For STEM, we worked on our building skills while playing the jumbling tower game... It was fun, and Paisley won :)

We did more building during our indoor recess times (it has been so cold this week, we stayed inside a lot).

Building... and jumping!

We even tried to do some standing long jumps! We all did great with that! And Asher jumped the longest (he even went longer than the teachers!!! Good job preschool ;)

We continue working on taking care of ourselves, all by ourselves! We are putting our sweatshirts and jackets on, zipping our coats,... we are getting SO BIG! Sometimes we get stuck, and it is frustrating, or super funny!!!

Our class project for the auction is really coming together... We are almost done with it and can hardly wait to share it with you!!!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend :)

Mrs. Aline Hunter

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