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Willy Wonka Charity Auction Planning

Our 38th Annual Charity Auction is our largest event of the year, raising much-needed funds to offset the costs of running our school! Yes, we are still raising money for our Onward Capital Campaign, but our Annual Charity Auction helps offset the costs associated with running our school and helps keep tuition at some of the lowest costs in the Diocese. This is why our success every year is so important.

If you are new to our community or have never been involved before, this event is a fun time to come together as a school community. If you are a seasoned parent or community member, we want to thank you for your continued support of the auction. This year’s Charity Auction will occur on Saturday, April 15, 2023, at St. Andrew’s Elementary School. Save the Date!

Auction Details

Our auction has Four elements: a RAFFLE, a CLASS PROJECT, an ONLINE SILENT AUCTION (April 1-15) followed by the DINNER & LIVE AUCTION EVENT (April 15), where you can bid on items donated from the community and are sold to the highest bidder. Your participation in one or all FOUR is needed to ensure this event is successful.

  • Raffle Hopefully, in time for Christmas break, raffle ticket packets will go home with students. Raffle tickets are typically 1 ticket for $1 and 12 tickets for $10. Parents will receive color-coded tickets to sell. Don’t worry about cutting these sheets— tickets will be cut after they are appropriately counted. Each student will have a goal with the opportunity to win some fun prizes— and there will be an all-school goal for a chance to earn a fun celebration.

  • Class Project Teachers and classroom coordinators will send home details for a classwide project that will be up for bid during the live auction. (Yes, parents, you need to attend to get the chance to bid on some adorable projects.) In the past, classes have built furniture, one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork, and other objects totally unique to that class. Typically teachers will request a small donation to help offset the cost of supplies. If you have a fun idea or can help, please reach out to your teacher or class coordinator.

  • Online Auction: April 1 - 15. Before our Dinner & Live Auction Event, we will host an Online Silent Auction through our Greater Giving portal, where you, your family, and your friends can support our school by bidding from the comfort of your homes! Most gift certificates, small bundles, and smaller items will be available on the online auction only.

  • Dinner & Live Auction Event: April 15 from 6:00 pm -10:00 pm This is the biggest (Adult-only) party of the St. Andrew’s School year that you won't want to miss! Save the date now to plan a special night out with us--and don't forget to bring a few friends! We will have a Live Auction for class projects, large gift baskets, and larger ticket items. We invite you to bid while enjoying good food, drinks, and music and connecting with other parents, teachers, community members, and friends. You can also make a 100% tax-deductible donation towards our item-less items.

Event tickets for the Annual Charity Auction include dinner, drinks, and a fabulous assortment of desserts. Tickets are $40 per person. The link to buy tickets will be available in February or March. More details coming soon.



"Many hands make for light work," or so the saying goes. There are many ways to get involved to ensure this event is successful. Please read the brief descriptions and Sign Up to help.

  • Raffle Tickets - This team will help select raffle items, coordinate with publicity to develop a flyer, and be responsible for coordinating volunteers to print and count tickets.

  • Family Solicitations - This team will help make donation calls to families and friends of St. Andrew's. This is a fun way to share why to connect with the community to raise funds for the school. No experience is necessary; we'll arm you with a list and a script to get you started.

  • Business Solicitations - This team will help make donation calls or visits to area businesses. Don't worry; there are helpful talking points and tips to ensure success.

  • Silent Auction - This team will help put baskets together of donated items, display items in a unique way, and help photograph donations. They may also assist with data entry where applicable.

  • Oral Auction - This team will help develop a fun way to organize and stage larger donation items and help showcase items on the night of the auction.

  • Decorations - This team will help come up with fun Wonka-themed items to decorate our school. They will need help prepping items in the lead-up to the auction, including some activities that can be done at home, and will need help coordinate volunteers at the auction work day on Friday, April 14th.

  • Food - This team will help prep and prepare the food for auction day. This team will help coordinate the donation of food items, select the menu, and serve food.

  • Data Entry: This team will help enter items into the auction event system using your home computer.

  • Games - This team will help plan fun Wonka-Themed games during breaks of the live auction and run various Card Blitzes throughout the night. There are so many fun ideas for the Willy Wonka Theme.

  • Golden Ticket - This team will help prep the 100 select boxes that will be available for purchase for a chance to take home $1,000 cash OR a chance to select a LIVE Auction Item of their choice. Some conditions apply. More details to come.

  • Ticket Sale- This team will help coordinate the Live Auction ticket sales online and in person and communicate seating details with the decorations committee.

  • Advertising/Public Relations: This team of volunteers likes to connect and will help get the message out to the community. They will help the community get excited about the event and help follow up with Sponsors.

  • Beverages - This team will help make sure everyone is properly hydrated at the event. They will coordinate the delivery of beverages and run the beverage table for the auction night.

  • Mailings - This team will help share exciting details about the Wonka-Themed auction and will stuff business sponsor envelopes the week of November 14 - 18th. They will also help with mailing Donor Thank You Night and Thank You notes.

  • Proofing - This team is crucial to making sure everyone is properly thanked, and our school shines. We need at least TWO volunteers to help us proofread our Auction Website and Auction booklet in the lead-up to the event.

  • Finance- This team is great with numbers and will help check patrons out on the Night of the Auction.

  • Clean-up: If you're around Sunday, April 16th, we welcome ANY and ALL St. Andrew's family to help prepare the school for learning Monday morning.


A great Auction begins with great Donations. What will YOU donate to help make our auction a success?

What kind of donations are we asking for?

  • Host a party: Wine tasting, beer tasting, chocolate tasting; the ideas are endless.

  • Organize a unique experience: Cooking/Dining with a popular chef; Behind-the-scenes tour; hike, or camping trip.

  • Arrange a themed basket: Join a few of your friends to pull items together for a fun-themed basket to bid on.

  • Offer a stay in a vacation home: Table Rock, Ozarks, Grand Lake, Colorado, or beyond!

  • Share a special skill: Teach a group how to dance, fly-fish, cook, bake, hit a line drive, knit, etc.

  • Donate event tickets: Sporting events, concerts, shows, ballet, plays, etc.

  • Contribute goods and services: Gift certificates to retail shops or restaurants, bottles of wine and champagne, spa or gym gift certificates, sports memorabilia, etc.

  • Help send out donations requests from the community: We need lots of help with this. It’s easy and can be done on your own time. Please email Shannon Woods if interested in helping out with procurement!


How do I donate?

  • Cash donations or gift certificates may be dropped off or mail your donation to the school office, attn: 38th Auction Committee, 301 S. Buckey, Abilene, KS 6741. Please note we may pair your donation with another item to make a minimum-value package. Starting March 6, 2023, we will be accepting delivery of larger donation items. Please call the school to arrange a drop-off time at 785-263-2453.

  • Submit your donation online: Coming soon. If you'd like to give to the school during the Season of Thanksgiving, please consider donating to iGiveCatholic to multiply your giving. Advanced giving starts Monday, November 14th. More information is available here.

Sponsorship Levels

  • Legacy - $2,000

  • Platinum - $1000

  • Gold - $500

  • Silver - $250

  • Any Donation

We are always blessed by the outpouring of support we receive from our community.

In order to thank individuals and businesses properly, we are providing new sponsorship-level options this year. To be included in printed materials, logos and ads must be emailed to the publicity committee by March 1, 2023.

We are also selling 1/2 Page and Full Page Ads in our program. Please contact us for more details.

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