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3rd Grade: Notes & Pet Show & Tell Sign Up

Updated: Apr 26, 2023


The third graders have been working so hard! I am very proud of them! We completed state testing last week. They did AMAZING on their science fair projects! We learned about a LOT of different types of animals. Thank you for your help with completing the projects.

This week we've been fastbridge testing. We'll finish this up next week (it's been hectic with program practice this week.) We also did the religion ARK test. This was the first year of doing this. It was about 50 questions on the ipads, and the students did a great job focusing.

We're finishing up our unit on fractions, and will start graphs and charts next week. We're doing a novel study in LA called White Fur Flying. We're finishing our unit on the continents and oceans and working on our map skills in social studies. In religion we finished learning the Ten Commandments and will take a quiz probably next week. Each student got a copy of the commandments and they are listed in their planner as well.

PLEASE keep encouraging your child to read around 15 minutes each day. Reading logs due each Tuesday. Last day to take AR tests is May 16th.

THURSDAY MORNING 4/27, we're headed to the high school for program practice from 8:15-10:00 a.m. Program is Thursday eve @ 7@ AHS; students should arrive at 6:45 dressed in school uniform. They have been working hard and I know you'll enjoy their singing!

Spelling test this Friday, next Friday and the following Friday.

NO spelling list the last week of school.


If you have a pet and are able to bring it to our class Pet Show & Tell Friday, May 12, please sign up for a time slot. This will eliminate long waits, especially if its warm. If you don't have a pet or are unable to attend, your child may bring a photo or draw a picture of a current, or former pet or a pet they'd like to have.

Please sign up at the link below.

*April 27: Spring Program @ AHS @7 (arrive @ 6:45 IN UNIFORM)

*May 5: Field Day; Family Picnic Day @ track

*May 12: Pet Show & Tell: 12-2:15 p.m. (see sign up!)

*May 18: Grades 3-5 Field Trip to Salt Mines in Hutch

*May 19: Last day of school

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