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  • Mrs. Hunter

Enjoy a great summer Preschool!!!

We have had SO MUCH FUN together this year!!! Thank you Little Ones for brightening our days! You have grown so much and we are SO PROUD :)

Thank you parents and families, for supporting us throughout this school year. Thank you for volunteering to help organize and run our parties, thank you for helping us with transportation and supervision during field trips, thank you for the snacks, thank you for all the special treats that you provided to us teachers :) Thank you for your cooperation with everything, your understanding always, and your prayers!!! We are truly blessed...

Before we go, I thought you might enjoy some pictures from our field trip :)

Thank you to Mr and Mrs Weeks, and Commander the Alpaca, from the Greymeadows Alpaca Farm :) It was awesome!!!

We look forward to seeing you all next year! Peace be with you :)

Mrs Aline Hunter and Mrs Manuela Simenson

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