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Holiday Season pics, Happy New Year everyone!!!

Let us share some of the memories that we have created during this holiday season...

Riding on the Santa Train... Thank you SO MUCH to Mrs Sprouse for this generous gift to our entire school! Thank you also to all the parents and grandparents who joined us in the fun! What a great time!

Preparing Christmas presents... The children worked really hard and had so much fun painting and gluing to make your Christmas wreaths!

The Preschool Christmas party... We have amazing parents who are creating moments so special in our class. Thank you to Beth Anne Kriegbaum for coordinating this magical party, and for all of you who participated in some ways, with snacks and drinks and crafts, and of course, your presence! We are so blessed!!!

The Christmas program... The children had been practicing for quite some time, and it was exciting and a little scary to stand and perform in front of all of you.

Saying farewell to our friend Calvin... Calvin and his family moved to Arizona during the Christmas break. Before he left, he gifted all of us with a sparkly cactus keychain, so he can be with us still throughout the year :) We hope your new journey is filled with excitement and joy Calvin! We will miss you dearly!

Learning the alphabet... G is for Greyson, and H is for Hollis and Holden. Learning new things every day, and practicing what we have learned!

Mrs Koop and myself are SO GRATEFUL for your children and your families, your support, and all the many treats that you have been gifting us through the Advent and Christmas season. We would like to wish you all a very HAPPY and BLESSED NEW YEAR 2024!!!!

Have a wonderful rest of the week, and enjoy the snow!

Mrs Aline Hunter

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