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Newsletter August 30th-September 3rd


August 30th-September 3rd

Here are a few things that my Kindergartners are going to learn this week!!!!!!


· Model decomposition of 3 with materials, drawings, and expression. Represent the decomposition as 1+2 and 2+1

· Understand the meaning of zero. Write the numeral 0

· Order and write numerals 0-3 to answer how many questions

· Write numerals 1-3. Represent decomposition with materials, drawings, and equations, 3=2+1 and 3=1+2

· Order and write numerals 4 and 5 to answer how many questions in categories; sort by count

Reading wonders:

· Essential question of the week: What can you do!

· Creating a class Word Web

· Reading from left to right/top to bottom

· Author/illustrator

· Rebus definition

· Tracking while reading

· Capital/ lowercase letters/sounds

· Completing sentences

· Rhyming

· Syllables

· Days of the week

· Stories/following questions

Sight words:



Up-Coming Events:

· Sept. 6th – No school, Labor Day

· Sept. 10th- Grandparents Day/sack lunch day/no-uniform 11:30 a.m. -1:00 p.m.

· Sept. 17th- End of Trash Bag Sales

· Sept. 24th – Fit & Fun Friday/no uniform- Social Emotional Health

· Sept. 27th – No school/In-service

· Sept. 29th – School pictures

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