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Second Grade: Week 1

We did it!! Please let me know if you have any concerns! I sent a separate email to each of you, verifying your email address. If it is not correct, please let me know!

We have finished the first week and it had some bumpy moments, but I LOVE your kids! I am looking forward to the year with them! I did want to update you about a few things for the year!

First, we will be having homework, although it will not be daily. We tried it for the first time last week and all of the kids brought it back on time, completed - receiving punches on their HOT (Homework On Time) tickets! When they get 20 punches, they will receive a prize!

While there is not always going to be paper homework, there are still things for them to do! PLEASE, have your kiddo practice their math facts up to 20 each night and read EVERY DAY! We will be sending home sheets to track both of these for prizes! Reading is SO important for them and the accuracy of math facts just makes the rest of their years of math class so much easier for them! Please be sure to help them fill out the tracking sheet that will be coming home - this can be done online or on paper!

We will also have a spelling test each Friday - I will include the words in an email each week and the students will also have a copy!

This week the words are:
















Bonus words - school, August

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