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St. Andrew's News, September 17, 2021

Way to go summer readers!! Emma H., Brooklyn B., Abigail W., Julianne W., and Killian H. read enough over the summer to give Mrs. Whitehair a pie in the face - YUM, YUM!!!

Great Aim, Killian!!

What a fun way to get to school!! Thank you to the Abilene Fire Department for this fun opportunity for students Anna and Jenny B. and friend River S. This ride was compliments of Jenny and Anna’s grandparents which they purchased at the school auction this summer. Also included were doughnuts which the girls gave to the teachers and staff. THANK YOU!!

Next Week-

Monday - School Mass, 2:00 p.m.

Tuesday -

Wednesday - School Mass, 2:00 p.m.

Thursday -

Friday - Fit & Fun Friday, No Uniform Day

September Calendar-

24 - Fit & Fun Friday/No Uniform Day - Social-Emotional Health

27 - No School; Inservice

28 - Starbase, Grade 5

29 - School Pictures

Important Notes-

Thank you!! Thank you to all for your hard work on trash bag sales!

Home Reading Challenge - students reaching their goal will be treated to a POPCORN PARTY at the end of the quarter. Student goals are set by each classroom teacher. Please encourage your child to read (or listen to someone read for younger students).

Students will be reviewing/learning the Child Lures during the first nine weeks. This is an award-winning child safety curriculum that includes the prevention of child sexual abuse. If you would like more information about this diocesan approved curriculum, please visit their website:

FREE Parent Training Modules are available at:


Students are encouraged to bring money for the Monday and Wednesday mass collections, even if just a coin or two. Mass collections in August go to the Adopt-a-Student Program. THANK YOU for teaching your child about the importance of stewardship and helping others.

God bless your family with a GREAT weekend!

Principal Whitehair

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