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Week #11 and 12

Thank you parents for such a great Halloween party!!!!

The kids had so much fun with the games and the treats were delicious!

That same week, we had another party!!! as a reward for our amazing trash bags sales! Again, thank you parents for supporting our school ;) On that day, we watched a movie (Sharkdog's fintastic Halloween) while eating popcorn!

Mrs Hunter was sick and missed all the fun :0 While she was gone, we reviewed and practiced a lot of things with Mrs Simenson: letters, shapes, coloring. We colored some pictures that will be sent to veterans along with letters that the older grades have been writing. We talked about sharing and how we can share.

In religion, the lesson was: God made the World. We talked about the beauty of God's creation. We went on a scavenger hunt on the playground and found a bunch of leaves that we observed.

This week, we learned a new letter: C! We are focusing on the hard sound of /c/, like in the words cross, cup and cowboys! C is for our cute boys Caysen and Camden :)

C is also for cold and coat (remember to send your children to school with their coat, it is getting colder outside and recess time is not fun without it!).

C is for cooking... We talked about safety around the kitchen, and we prepared delicious fake meals...

C is for courteous (that is a big word!). We talked about how it makes others feel good when we use polite words and when we take turns.

In art, we have been working on an American flag craft. We are working hard on cutting and gluing!

We celebrated All Saints Day this week. We learned that Saints are God's special helpers, and we talked about how Jesus taught us how we can be special helpers too, by being kind to others.

In STEM, we are investigating pumpkins. We did an experiment to figure out if pumpkins sink or float when placed in water...

We also went through vision screenings this week. If I did not talk to you about that, it means that there is no follow up necessary ;) Your children brought home a free book that day that they got as a reward!

Coming up: No school this coming Friday the 12th of November. The teachers will be attending a Diocesan inservice.

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful weekend, and I will see you all tomorrow!

Mrs Aline Hunter

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