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Week #14 and 15

D is for Didi!

We are advancing into our alphabet, learning to recognize the letters and their sound, and we are doing awesome! This past week we focused on the letter D. D is for dinosaur, doll, dove, and dog!

AND we learned how to read our first word: Dad!!!

We did some dot painting, we played with duplos and with the dollhouse, we played with a die and with ducks. We practiced cutting and gluing while making a cute dinosaur ;)

Last Thursday, Mrs Hunter's dog Poilu came to visit our small group. It was fun to pet him and watch him do some tricks ;)

We learned about how smart dogs are and how we can train them to be amazing helpers.

For social and emotional development, we talked about self-awareness and identity. More specifically, we learned about our skin and how cool it is! We looked at the pattern on the skin of our fingertips with a magnifying glass and made fingerprints with ink, we learned that our skin is waterproof, that we can feel things thanks to our skin, that skin heals itself, and that it comes in different beautiful colors! Thank you God for creating us with such an amazing feature!!!!

And of course, we talked about Thanksgiving!!!

We read a story about the first Thanksgiving and how the Pilgrims and the Native Americans became friends and shared food together.

Our religion lesson also explained what Thanksgiving means for us today. We talked about what being thankful means and we learned a new word: gratitude. Together we shared what we are thankful for. We even made a gratitude garland that will be hanging in our classroom to remind us how blessed we are :)

As for me, I am thankful for my family, and I am so thankful for Mrs Simenson and our 17 adorable preschoolers this year!!!! Thank you parents for sharing your little ones with us every day!

I wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING break!

I will be excited to see you all back on Monday ;)

Mrs Aline Hunter

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