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Week #16

E is for Ella and Ellie :)

We have been Exploring the letter E and its short sound /e/, like in elephant, egg and evergreen.

We are working really hard!

In science, we did an experiment with an egg. We learned that an egg will sink in water....

unless... we put a lot of salt in the water!!! That was fun!

On Tuesday, it was St Andrew's feast day, so we attended Mass with the whole school. Bishop Vincke was there and it was very special. We did AWESOME, and Mrs Hunter was very proud of us!

The religion lesson this week was: I help taking care of the world. We talked about how we can take care of God's creation. We have been working on not wasting (water, paper towels, food, ...) at school, and on picking up after ourselves and putting our trash in the trashcan. Hopefully we are also keeping the good work at home ;)

On Friday, the Abilene High School jazz band and singers came to St Andrew's School as part of their Christmas tour of schools. We enjoyed the Christmas music and we were amazed by how loud the instruments were!!!

Coming up: Our very own Christmas Program will be on Wednesday, December 15th at 6pm, in the school gym :)

We also want to thank you parents for giving us Grace, on days when we have a hard time getting packed up and putting our coats on and following directions from our teachers... and making it out on time... We are really trying and improving every day :)

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs Aline Hunter

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