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Week 2 of second grade!!

We have been working hard to get routines and procedures down pat! The kids have been doing awesome!

We have daily homework which includes

1. 20 minutes of reading each day and filling out their logs. Students are required to complete a minimum of two hours per week of reading - but can set a higher goal. Those who meet their goal each week will be in for a LOT of prizes this year! We will be adding AR requirements towards the end of the first quarter.

2. Practicing math facts for fluency. The students will be tested once a week to master all math facts. They have a ruler of facts to use each day that divides the facts into different categories.

3. Spelling - we have a spelling test each week on Friday. Words will be sent home by Monday each week.

If you have questions about the homework - please check out the videos I made and added to our FB group. If you have not found our FB group - Mrs. Woods' Wonders - with a picture of the Earth.

I am looking forward to a great year - I just love these kiddos!

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